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JIG.LV "MANDULA" ~8cm, VMC hooks, SS wire, #19- Red Bee CT, floating foam lures
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Product code: MAN-8-19
Availability: 9
Manufacturer: JIG.LV
Country: Latvia
Zander jigging lures "mandula" - build from floating material, parts connected with highest quality stainless steel wire 0.8mm, original VMC treble hooks, size and strength optimized for zander fishing. Color tail material with UV glow effect.

All of our "mandula" are 100% handcrafted so there can be minor differences in each unique lure, but all of them are manually tested before selling to assure main functionality - floating gravity and animation (tail part not float vertically but have to freely move in stream), connection angles (to avoid any possibility to stack), power test.

"Mandula" type of lures are popular and approved as one of most efficient for zander jig-fishing, especially in relatively cold water and strong stream conditions.
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