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TOIRTAP Bichek-T 2.25" (5.71cm) 16-Violet Lilac UV (10 pcs) softbaits
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Product code: BT 2,25-16-10
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Manufacturer: TOIRTAP
Package of 10 softbaits of similar size and color.

TOIRTAP softbaits are true "edible" lures, which, additionally to widely used salt and scent ingredients, also includes special mix of amino acids in optimal proportions to attract predator fish and also gives much more time before fish understand that this is not natural live bait. At the same time material of sotbaits are more durable than most of other salted softbaits in market, allowing more reliable fixation on hook, and not so easily harmed by predator teeth. TOIRTAP softbaits are offered in choice of 18 different colors, 10 of those also includes ultraviolet (UV) glow components. TOIRTAP softbaits are designed and produced in Ukraine, optimized for typical predators of European waters - perch, pike, zander (pike-perch) etc. Unique material and integrated components formula has been created as a result of lots of years experimentation by fanatical angler and professional engineer Andriy Tkachenko (Андрій Ткаченко) who also have gathered lots of know-how consultations from biologists, ichthyologists, molecular biochemists in universities, industry enterprises etc. Softbaits was tested by various pro-sport-anglers in Ukraine and other European countries with a really good references.

Warning! Photos of softbaits was made in studio with powerful artificial light source. Colors (especially UV and transparent) on the photos on screen may differ form what is possible to see with human eye in natural conditions!
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