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CRAZY FISH Vibro Worm 3"-7.5cm #20-Kiwi (5 pcs.) softbaits
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Product code: 11-75-20-4
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Manufacturer: CRAZY FISH
Package of 5 softbaits of similar size and color.

Crazy Fish VIBRO WORM - one of the most universal shape of softbait, ribbed slug body with classical fish tail. Perfect for fishing perch , pike perch, bass, medium sized pike, but also can attract some non-predator fishes species. Can bu universally used with wide variety of various rigs and retrieving methods. Because of very soft lifelike material those softbaits start moving immediately after falling in water. CRAZY FISH impregnated "edible" formula contains impregnated proteins and amino acids together with attractant scent, all together it's guarantee high effectivity of those softbaits. Wide range of colors, also some models with ultraviolet (UV) colors available.
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