Currently our store "JIG.LV" , Avotu street 17, Riga, and internet store www.jig.lv is open regular working hours
Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00. 

P.S. Fishing is very good way of social distancing :)


OUR STORE "JIG.LV" ( located, 17  Avotu Street, Riga, Latvia) :

MONDAY-FRIDAY 10:00-17:00

Internet store order processing schedule -
accepting orders 24/7, orders are managed Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00


We offer very affordable FLAT RATE delivery woldvide:

Any EU member state - EUR 6.99

Any other foreign country worldwide - EUR 11.99

About us: 

JIG.LV was established by group of fishing enthusiasts in Latvia (it’s small country in European Union with lots of fisherman and rich fishing traditions) to provide portfolio of good quality products for predator fishing. We started as local retailer in Latvia (store and internet shop) and small wholesale warehouse. We offer various brands of fishing tackle but choose only those which are tested by us ourselves and we have assured that those are quality and really helps to catch fish not only provides senseless marketing.   Currently our focus portfolio is highest quality Japanese JDM fishing tackle – VARIVAS (lines, hooks, rods and accessories), BAIT BREATH (biodegradable soft baits) and others. Also we provide products of specially chosen best European brands -  LUCKY JOHN, Team Salmo, MOLIX, Favorite, AGAT,  and others. Also we have very large choice of various tungsten and lead jigheads, sinkers.          


We emphasize that we are not just simple parcel service as majority of internet stores! We have our own stock of products, we show our REAL stock situation (with very few exceptions for products marked "Online only")   for 99% there will not be situations that products are out of stock etc. As we are located in Europen Union there will not be any additional taxes or customs fees for EU customers.  Our team consists of experienced anglers who will be able to do quality consulting about products and share their own practical experience. We offer very attractive EU and worldvide delivery based on flat rate price.

Featured products
VARIVAS braided lines (Japan)
VARIVAS&SEAGUAR&DAIWA fluorocarbon lines (Japan)
VARIVAS (GRAN) hooks (Japan)
VARIVAS clothing and accessories
BAIT BREATH (Japan) biodegradable softbaits
KEITECH softbaits (Japan)
LUNKER CITY softbaits (USA)
BASS ASSASIN softbaits (USA)
GAMBLER softbaits
VANFOOK hooks (Japan)
DECOY hooks (Japāna)
SAWAMURA(Japāna) biodegradable softbaits(NEW&HOT!)
OWNER (Japan) hooks, softbaits, accesories
INTECH FURIOUS WX4 (Japan, YGK patented) braided lines
INTECH X4 un X8 braided lines (NEW!)
INTECH FC fluorocarbon lines (Japan) (NEW!)
INTECH nylon lines (NEW!)
JIG.LV MANDULA floating foam lures (Latvia)
MANDULA XXL Fish (Russia)
Jigheads and "cheburashka" (tungsten)
Jigheads and "cheburashka" (lead)
Attractants ( MEGASTRIKE, SFT etc.)
CRAZY FISH spinning rods
RYOBI rods
DAIWA & Cormoran spinning rods
Other hooks, leaders, accesories etc. (JIG.LV, AGAT, CRAZY FISH etc.)
HITFISH hooks&accessories&gloves (New!)
New product
MANDULA LARVA MINI 3D Eye ~4cm body, (~8.5cm with tail hook), VMC hook, OB-RH floating foam lure
MANDULA LARVA MINI 3D Eye  ~4cm body,  (~8.5cm with tail hook), VMC hook, OB-RH floating foam lure
2.75 €
More info

+371 26520566 (retail)

+ 371 20044198
(wholsale, partnership issues) 

e-mail: info@jig.lv

Internet store open hours: 
10:00 - 17:00 (GMT+2)
Monday - Friday
ordering electronically 24/7.

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